RTX 3050 Desktop CUDA Capability

Can I use RTX 3050 Desktop for machine learning & data Science?
Why it is not listed in CUDA-Enabled Product List in this list:

only notebook version listed.
Thank you

Because that list is updated manually and NVIDIA typically takes a couple of months to update the list.

All GPUs NVIDIA has shipped in the past dozen years are CUDA capable. You will need to check on the hardware requirements of the particular machine learning and data science software stacks you plan to use to make sure they can run on an RTX 3050. In particular, you might want to check on the minimum amount of GPU memory required.

Machine learning software stacks often support the latest CUDA version only after several months of delay. In this case CUDA 11.x has been around long enough that all software stacks should have caught up with it by now, but I would suggest looking at the software requirements of the software you intend to run as well to make sure that is the case.

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thank you for your reply