RTX 3060 fans always on

I have a RTX 3060 and installed NVIDIA drivers with this command
sudo apt install nvidia-driver firmware-misc-nonfree

When the temp on the GPU reaches 65 the fans run at full speed and don’t turn off and when I try to manually set the fan speed it doesn’t change it just displays failed to set fan speed.
I thought it could be the GPU I swapped it out for another one same issue. I tried Debian 12 and same issue. I have tried to purge the NVIDIA driver install and reinstall the OS and nothing has changed

Operating System:Linux-x86_64

Server Version Number:11.0
Server Vendor String:The X.Org Foundation
Server Vendor Version: (12101007)
NV-CONTROL Version:1.29

NVIDIA Driver Version:525.147.05
NVML Version:12.525.147.05

The fan curve is defined in the gpu’s vbios by the manufacturer, did you swap it for the same model?
To change fan speed manually, iirc xorg has to be run as root. Please search the forum for it.