RTX 3060 supports CUDA 9?

I’m trying to run an application using CUDA 9 on a machine with a 3060, however it fails. I can run the same application with an identical environment on a 2060. As explained in the release notes, CUDA 9 should be compatible. Is there something obvious I’m missing?


Some more info…

I have a RTX 3080 laptop GPU with driver version 471.41 and CUDA 11.4. The application I’m running uses a Anaconda virtual environment with CUDA 9, and works as expected on the RTX 2060 (don’t have exact version readily available).

Hello, this forum is dedicated to discussions related to using the sanitizer tools and API.
Questions related to CUDA can be raised at CUDA - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Hi Aaron,
if you are still experiencing problems please start a new post in the CUDA area of the forums. Thanks.