RTX 4080 super: Good enough for Isaac?

Hello everyone.

I’m using Isaac Sim since 2022 but I only have a RTX 2060 card. Now I’m looking for a new graphics card to study more about Isaac but I don’t have enough money for a 4090 or an A6000.

Is 4080 super good enough for Isaac? I want to simulate mobile robots using sensors with lidars, cameras…

Thank you

@leonlime perhaps the official technical requirement could offer some good suggestions.

Technical Requirements — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation (nvidia.com)

i suppose it would be hard to tell one way or the other without knowing the complexity of your projects, so i’ll defer the devs for some official suggestion. as another user, i know it never hurts to have cards with more VRAM (and within your budget).

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It depends on your scene & scenario.

In my experience:
For a single robot equips with a single camera, 4080 is enough (assume you run under 30FPS)
Also, CPU is the key of simulation. I suggest CPU’s base frequency should be > 3GHz

do you have a video of this simulation? you have simulated a quadripod robot?