RTX 4090 Preliminary HPC Benchmarks


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Risky click of the day.

But in fact, it’s a benchmark by renowned Puget Systems.

What’s not to like? The form factor, maybe. On the flip side, the cooling system seems to be top notch, as all reviews I have seen (using NVIDIA’s and 3rd party SKUs) indicate moderate temperatures under continuous high load (e.g. GPU 70 °C, hot spot 80 °C). Not bad when dissipating close to 500W with some of the workloads people have tried.

The increase in core clock is a pretty amazing jump up, suggesting major re-architecting of the processing pipelines. Whereas previous generation GPUs would top out at 1900 - 2000 MHz peak boost clock, it seems the RTX 4090 can hit 2800 - 3000 MHz during peak boost.

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