RTX 6000 / A 6000 – Are they certified and do they support Blu-ray playback?

I’m working with SolidWorks, Premiere Pro and Cinema 4D, so I need one of these two graphics cards to work with. Are both cards supported (certified) by all programs?

However, for my pleasure I’d also like to watch Blu-rays after hours. Do both support content protection standards (e.g. HDCP), so Cyberlink PowerDVD will successfully play Blu-rays with these graphics cards?

Hello and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums @brille1!

Looking at the spec sheets of RTX6000 as well as RTX A6000 they both state “HDCP 2.2 support” so you should expect this to work as expected. BTW, the new Ada generation RTX 6000 also still supports HDCP 2.2.

I hope this helps!