RTX A5000/A6000 Simultaneous NVENC Sessions?


I am looking to build a Threadripper Pro streaming recording workstation. Looking to ISO record 4 inputs from A7S III at 4K60P, a 1080p input from another computer, livestream, and record the livestream output.

How many simultaneous 4K60P NVENC H.265 encodes can the graphic cards handle?

I have been searching for weeks but haven’t found an adequate answer to build a system around.

Many thanks!

Hello @j1144 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

May I refer to another recent post where I answered a similar question?

If I make a rough estimate regarding your requirements I think the A6000 might be hard-pressed to even manage 4 encode streams at 4k60. For that kind of throughput you will likely need a multi-GPU setup or dedicated Hardware.