RTX A6000 new part number

I see a new part number for the GTX A6000 available 12/9/21, VCNRTXA6000-BLK, previous part is VCNRTXA6000-PB, I can not find any instance of BLK on PNY or nVidia websites. Anyone know exactly how these cards are different?

Hello @user90440 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

These specific part numbers are usually given by the OEM, the manufacturer of the actual physical Add-In card, and not NVIDIA. Did you maybe check with PNY customer support already? They should have more information I think.

In case you find out please share!

Thank you.

Thank you for the reply. I did ask TS at PNY and the answer included “my guess is” and they talked about included accessories. I’s probably just too soon for everyone there to know about this (12/9 release). I am thinking that the part number is printed on the board so there is some difference in components or manufacturing process. They referred me to sales and I am waiting to hear from them. If I get a specific answer I will post that here. Thanks again.

Thank you, that is appreciated!

I just heard from sales and “BLK” stands for bulk, shipped in packs of 10 to resellers in plain boxes, i.e. not setup for retail. it also has not much in the box, so for a first time user they will need to go download manuals and drivers etc possibly need to buy an adapter. I guess there was nothing to be concerned about. I prefer this type of packaging, I have a bin full of adapters I don’t need. The reason I was suspicious is the priced dropped back to where it should be the same time the part number changed.

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Thank you for letting us know!

Bulk was also my suspicion, as it is quite often used for CPUs.

I hope you will enjoy your new GPU!