RTX engine creation failed

Create doesn’t seem to be able to start the RTX engine, it’s running fine if I open the Kit app as well as Audio2Face.

I was eager to try Create but right now I can’t seem to get it running.

I tried uninstalling the drivers and doing a clean install of the latest studio drivers with no luck.

I attached all the relevant information I could find I hope you can help me fix this issue.

system info.tif (65.9 KB)
viewport bug.tif (196.4 KB)

logs.zip (951.7 KB)

Audio2Face.tif (528.9 KB)
nvidia-smi.tif (137.7 KB)
Studio Drivers.tif (1.4 MB)

Any way to work around this issue?

hello @TerryPXM -
I am sorry you are having issues with Create. Thanks for the logs. I want to try one test at the moment. Want to start Create with a single GPU (going to use your 3090).

Note: the picture above as a final path of create-2021.1.1 , yours will be different based on the version of create you have installed.

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Hello @TerryPXM! The development team is working on a solution to this issue and has asked me to get a bit more information from you. Could you please let me know your Operating System, GPU(s), and the GPU Driver you are using?

Operating System: ?
GPU(s): ?
GPU Driver: ?