RTX lidar standalone frequency

Hi all,
i am publishing an RTX Lidar in a standalone python app in this way:

self.world_ = World(physics_dt=0.02,rendering_dt=0.02)

self.lidar_        = Camera("/World/grace/XT_32/PandarXT_32_10hz")
self_lidar_render_ = rep.create.render_product(self.lidar_.prim_path, [2000, 32])
writer = rep.writers.get("RtxLidar" + "ROS2PublishPointCloudBuffer")
writer.initialize(topicName="lidar_pcl", frameId="PandarXT_32_10hz")

def run(self):
    while True:

the PCL is published whole, but the problem is that I cannot control the publish rate, which is currently around 80 Hz.
Is there a way to publish at 10Hz like the Lidar would do in reality ?