RTX on minecraft quick bug and a question about Portal


minecraft rtx’s denoiser does not work properly, and if you look at some youtube videos diving into that, you will see some examples, like shadows are SUPER blurry and the reflections are VERY BLURRY as stated here: https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MCPE-145467

and a question about Portal RTX. are you adding RTX to Portal 2? Please do around the same time as Portal 1!!!

Hi there pantantuna!

I had a look at the bug you linked to as well as the Youtube video in that bug description. Understandably those issues listed and mentioned are annoying to some people. At the same time many of them seem rather subjective, especially when it comes to how “blurry” or rather smooth a shadow should be. Many of the effects also depend on the resource packs, which can give a lot of non-standard visuals when not in RTX mode or not enable RTX features correctly.

And at the end of the day, as I stated in the other thread a while ago, this lies in the responsibility of Microsoft now, we sadly have little to no influence on the Minecraft development.

With respect to Portal I have no information on status or plans for Portal 2 RTX. If you saw the current GTC Keynote it might have looked very easy to use the RTX Modding tool. But doing this for a complete game and all its assets is very involved and time consuming. I am not at liberty to share just how long our development team worked on transforming Portal 1, but it definitely was not just a few days.


i have an idea. what if you worked on 2 modes, 1 for just normal portal 1 pbr ish textures* and 2 for portal 2 textures also pbr ish and then you can work on portal rtx and portal 2 rtx at the same time.
please stop using the direct x 8 version it looks really bad, it has no color correction (makes portal 1 have a blue motif), and the portals look plain. instead use the direct x 9 version that ( i think ) already has a bump map*

**example of this: Portal RTX is Shaping Up to be a Disaster. - YouTube (please watch it in its entirety.)