RTX real-time denoiser does not work

Hey, see here my opened USD scene ( made in Create ). The RTX real-time denoiser does not work ( that why it so noisy I guess?) and there is error info at the bottom…

RTX Path Traced looks as good as in Create :)

Any solution for this minor problem?

  • Computer Specs (OS, GPU, GPU Driver)
    win 10, RTX 2070 super, 466.27

  • Applications and Versions
    Create 2021.1.1
    Machinima 2021.1.0


Machinima has updates to the RTX renderer over Create 2021.1.1, it uses Kit 101 instead of Kit 100.3, so knowing it worked in Kit 100.3 helps us a lot. Thanks!

I’ve passed this to the RTX renderer team now to take a look.

Looks like this is an error related to dome lighting in RT mode. Do you know if this USD was created in a version of Create prior to 2021.1.1? We have since hidden the setting that causes this, but we have a fix for the next machinima patch ready to go that should fix this issue.

No, this was created max 2 weeks ago with freshly installed Create. I have not updated it…
So it is created with 2021.1.1 The carpet and wooden box are imported from UE 4 marketplace and converted to USD with Create. Other models are FBX´s from CGtrader.


This problem still exist. Here is a render with no dome lightning:

Render settings / renderer RTX real-time
Direct Lighting / Dome Lighting OFF.

And here it is with ON:

You can see it makes a strange looking delayed smearing echo… Quite nice effect but still an issue :P

While rendering the dome Lighting ON version, I got this error message: