RTX Realtime - Create USD - Having Cutted machine


I do not understand why in RTX Realtime or PathTracing my machine is not fully displayed. Like if laser cutter catted my machine, and have this black part.
Is there a way to avoid this ?
With Accurate, this goes out, but the quality of the movie is sad and take tooo much time.

@pheitz i am just another user passing by - i am seeing a few things happening here but not exactly sure what you meant by ‘catted’. below are my observations:

  • viewport clipping - parts of your model is being sliced/clipped. does the camera you are using in your viewport have any custom clipping values or is that just how the model was built? if you are navigating around your scene via a perspective camera, you can check to see if the near clipping range (param i have highlighted in the image below) is bumped up. this will remove parts of your scene as it gets closer to the camera (visually)

  • weird artifacts on parts of your mesh - not sure what type of lighting you have going on in your scene, but potentially look out for overlapping geos. the black parts could mean there are overlapping geo and the shadows are casting on top of itself.
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HI @Simplychenable,

This is exactly where I am struggling … Clipping … I change this value, to a low number and now I do not have this “clipping” (I use the term of catted, cut with knife or laser). But correct word is clipping.

Thanks a lot,

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So did the low clipping number help with your issue ? The camera should be set to 1.0 by default but depending on your scene and scene scale that may need to go lower.

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I add to change to 0.01 to have it working as expected.
Maybe a scaling challenge when importing model from Emulate3D in a raw3d file.

Yes 0.01 is very very low. That means you may be running into a scaling issue and you are running at 1/100th of your real size. The default units of Composer are in whole meters. 1.00m. You can change that.

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