RTX Super 2060 GPU crashing "can't change power state from D3cold to D0 (config space inaccessible)" randomly

I am having this issue on my computer starting in the last few days where the entire computer will randomly crash anywhere between like 5 minutes - 2 hours after booting, and there seems to be no pattern for what I am doing as a user for when it happens.

I have investigated logs a bit and it seems to be that there often is a common theme - the GPU sends some errors or crashes right before everything goes black and the fan starts running really loud. A common message right before a crash from the linux kernel is from the nvidia gpu hardware: “can’t change power state from D3cold to D0 (config space inaccessible)”. I have seen another issue about this message somewhere else on this forum but the difference with my issue seems to be that it happens randomly a long time after boot rather than causing problems booting.

Attached is the bug report log. I would like to draw attention first to the area around line 6745 which was just about the very last logs from my last boot before everything went black.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (287.4 KB)