RTX Titan high thermals while training


I just bought the RTX Titan (1.5 weeks ago) and when I trained my first model using caffe on ubuntu, I got 80C temp in an open case!. My model consists of around 3M images and I use VGG-19. My room temp is below 25C. I think that this temp high and since I wanted to train more models simultaneously, I am afraid temp will raise when I do so. Is this normal ? or am I being paranoid ? I read that Samsung memory can support up to 100C (confirm?) but still, I think this is way too high for just this DL model. GPU core frequency never passed 1770MHz although I reached 2100 when I first tested this card while gaming under Windows.

In terms of performance, I am not really impressed with the overall gain given the price of this card. To be fairly honest, I am quite disappointed.

Well, thanks in advance

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