RTX Video Enhancement causes hard crash

Started to run into an issue where one of my computers while having RTX Video Enhancement enabled, and multiple tabs in Google Chrome the computer would hard crash. No blue screen just straight power down. Weirdly aswell power LEDs stayed on didn’t even flash on case or motherboard so it’s not a power supply issue. It’s very strange. I’m sure I put this in the wrong spot so if a mod doesn’t mind moving this to where it needs to be. Anyone have any ideas what’s the issue? Stock EVGA 3080 FTW3 on latest drivers. Turning Video Enhancement off fixes the whole problem.

This topic is more like a driver related issue, moving to Drivers forum for better support, thanks.

Hello @arrowhead153 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Do you mean the NVIDIA control panel video adjustments?

This is a bit off-topic for the developer forums and might be more suited to our GeForce forums. Unless you are developing your own video player?

A power down of the GPU like you describe can indeed still be a power issue. The system does not necessarily go to complete power off but rather into a certain stand-by mode to avoid HW faults.
Check the event viewer for more details.
Other than that I can only recommend to install latest versions of the NVIDIA driver, Google Chrome and latest Windows updates.

Also, if you use any tool like Afterburner to undervolt or over/underclock, turn that off first.

I hope this helps!