RTX Video super resolution and linux

Is rtx video sr going to be coming to linux as well? Also is this something that will be able to be intergrated with video players like mpv, mplayer, vlc and such?

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as the official release of the new driver is now, I was also wondering if this is working in NVIDIA Linux driver as well?

does it only work with chrome on youtube or are other chromium based browsers like Vivaldi supported?

Curious if this will come to linux as well and if it’ll expand to more than just browser(ex. mpv, vlc, etc)

Officially they say Chromium based browsers specifically pointing to Chrome and Edge, so it probably does.

I mostly use Chrome on Linux to watch YouTube on an RTX 3080, so I’d definitely like to see this supported on Linux.

Since it is optional feature and you need to enable it in control panel, it will depend on update of the linux control panel of nvidia cards, which is not really feature rich or user friendly by now…
Nvidia please fix!