RTX2070, Nvidia Driver (515.65.01 & 495.46) prevents Linux 5.18 from restarting, powering off, also resume from suspend fails

The main problem is that it is impossible to reboot or shutdown a Linux 5.18 PC with NVidia drivers kernel modules loaded. The PC seems to freeze and is unable to shutdown/restart. However if nvidia kernel modules are unloaded with rmmod the PC restarts and/or shuts down as expected.

A secondary problem is that suspend to RAM resume only works on a text console. Suspend initiated from Xorg graphics session either fails to suspend (if the /proc nvidia suspend mechanism is enabled with elogind) or (if the /proc mechanism is disabled) it appears to suspend correctly, but it fails to resume the display.

Please note. I’m startign this thread priumarily because of the main problem. The secondary problem is not that important as it is possible to suspend/resume after switching to text console so please focus on my main problem. I’m mentioning the secondary issue so whoever reviews the logs is aware of it.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (155.7 KB)