Rtx3060laptop can't control backlight in win10 guest VM after passthrough on KVM

I have one laptop with rtx3060laptop card, I setup VGA-passthrough success on kvm/qemu, 3060 work fine in win10 VM, and output on the screen of laptop. but it display in max backlight, and there is no brightness control bar in windows.
How can I set the brightness on host or guest?
there is no /sys/class/backlight/* on the host.

Since the driver isn’t loaded on the host, there’s no backlight control.
The driver on the VM also doesn’t know about this, since it doesn’t see the host’s acpi tables.

How can I make acpi tables for VM? Can I copy the acpi tables from host, and set it in qemu settings. like this:
<qemu:arg value=’-acpitable’/>
<qemu:arg value=‘file=/ssdt1.dat’/>