RTX3080 run yolo no response

I use same yolo script in my old card it can be work.

But run at 3080 has no response for it. Does it is a driver problem?

I use cuda 10.0 ,cudnn7.6.5 ,opencv 4.1.1 , driver456.55

Hi, RTX3080 does not support cuDNN 7 .x

As I know,RTX3080 is only working on CUDA11.1 and cudnn8,but darknet doesn’t support cudnn8 yet, have you solved the problem? I don’t know what to do now

Actually I did not solve this problem , so I rollback old version cudnn&cuda and use my old card 2060 to run it.
Now we only can do is just waiting darknet support new version.

Thank you for your reply. I’m thinking about changing the framwork from darknet to Tensorflow or pytorch.Hope the darknet will support 3080 soon.