RTX4000 2 screen portrait overlap issue

hello to everybody, i have a problem with an nvidia quadro RTX4000 2 video projectors 1920x1200 overlapped 690 pix - pixel size 3150x1080 configuration portrait 1 colums 2 row, the overlap setting in portrait mode doesn’t work well for one of the screens, instead of moving it stratch the image, the same behavior with another computer and a P620, i checked also with two monitor instead the projectors, i try with 3 different driver version, the problems is the portrait mode , you can see that also during the configuration of the mosaic assignment there is something wrong , when i put 1 column 2 row the size calculated is 2400x 1920 instead of 3840x1200 , in the second step the software gives the right size but the overlap function didn’t work well, i think this is a bug , could somebody help me with this issue?
thank you

Can you test with the cmd line tool MOSAIC utility - Mosaic Utility Driver (nvidia.com)

Download the tool and then run from a cmd prompt with admin rights.

For setup with rows=2 cols=1 the command line option should be:

configuremosaic.exe set rows=2 cols=1 res=1920,1200,60 overlaprow=690 rotate=90

It would also be useful if you can take some screenshots of the control panel so we can understand what is going wrong. For the setup above I would expect a final resolution of 1200x3150 when the system is configured.