RTX4070 Stuck in Low Power Mode

System: OpenSuSE Tumbleweed, Kernel 6.6.3
Hardware: RTX4070, Ryzen 5600X3D, Thermaltake BM3 (650W)
DM: KDE 5 Plasma
Driver: 545.29

Brand-new system and I can’t get the GPU past 50-60W out of a max draw of 200W, even under full load with unigen-valley for benchmarking. Information came from nvidia-smi. Applications which report card status in a human-readable way (like world of warcraft) identify the card as being in low power mode. All of this passes the eye test because I see significant performance issues in the benchmark and never hear the fans spin up (smi reports them never getting past 30%). During this, nvidia-smi reports that the driver is moving between performance modes between 8 and 1, but with no increase in power draw or performance.

I’ve tried reseating and replacing the PCI-e cable (this model is a single 8-pin) with no luck. This is a new install with all new hardware.

I have attached the bug report tool as well as an idle power test using smi (I must admit I have no idea how this test works).
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (970.9 KB)
nvidia-power-test.txt (1.3 KB)

I ran some more tests and this appears to be a wine issue. I’m not sure how wine can set the gpu in low power mode or how it can persist across different wine versions in different prefixes, but at least I’ve identified the culprit.