RTX4070TI + Ubuntu 22.04 install turnaround

Hi guys,

Just small info on how I manage to install Isaac Sim (with gui) on a ubuntu 22.04 with a RTX 4070Ti.

I found that since Ubuntu 22.04 naitively use Wailand as the display server, I need to switch to Xorg.

To do that I edit /etc/gdm3/custom.conf and uncomment the line #Waylande=true

Then reboot.

To test if you are running on xorg you can run this cmd : $XDG_SESSION_TYPE
if the result is x11: command not found it’s fine !

After that, you can launch the omniverse launcher and start the isaac sim install.
I had to restart like 3 or 4 times the installation before it work, sometimes it was stuck one the open.sh line and sometime I got the ETXTBSY error but right now it’s working !

Hope it will help and have a nice day !