RTXGI Application Denied

Unfortunately my request to access RTXGI for UE4 was denied.

I am not sure why - is there anyway to talk to someone or apply again?

Hi @optimisticmonkey,

The main criteria for approval is that the submission must include a “professional” email address (company or university) and not personal emails.

Please re-apply using a company or university email address.


Thanks for replying Tom!

I will reapply using our company email :-)

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I tried with several addressed, personal/company, but all pending or denied.

I tried with my university address but I had been declined. How can I access nvidia rtxgi sdk proggram ?

@astechou @formatc2013

Thank you for your interest in RTXGI. Access to the RTXGI program is very limited right now, and we cannot guarantee access to every applicant at this time. Please feel free to resubmit your application for reevaluation in the future. Thank you for your patience!

Hi Tom, I was wondering if you could help me out somehow or at least point me to the right direction. Unfortunately I did not realize that mine github invitation to rtxgi program had one week limitation. During past week I had some demading commercial work and did not manage through all mail. This monday I finally made it, but invitation was already expired. Is there a chance or a way to get that invitation again since I got accepted in order to get access to sdk? Thank you for the info.


Hi @amar1 Amar,

I believe the best thing to do is to reapply. Unfortunately, I have no way of enabling an expired invitation.


Hey Tom, thx for getting back… Tried that, but I can´t access entry form again with same email. Any thoughts how to reapply. really sorry for bothering with this… Is it possible to get new invitation on same github email I entered during first application?