Ruined console output by UP key or long input

I tried minicom / screen / putty, all of them can’t output correctly.
You can try input several commands and then press UP key repeatly. That’s what I got:

For a long command, it failed to goto a new line:
You can goto a deep directory, then press some key repeatly to see what’s happen. Such as
cd /opt/nvidia/drive-linux/samples/nvmedia/nvsipl/test/camera/
and then press a key repeatly, See what I got:

Hi @Keelung

Please refer to Terminal Emulation for this. Thanks.

Hi @VickNV ,
I checked all minicom setting in doc you mentained.
The cursor still goto wrong position while pressing UP or DOWN only.
Seems line feed should be turn off to make it works as the same as in local console.

Is this issue only on the devkit? I would suggest you use ssh to access the target system. It will be neater.

Hi @VickNV ,
This happens on the official DevKit p3710-10-s05, 940-63710-0010-D00.
ssh works as expected. But I want to know whether NV will confirm & fix this USB tty issue. It’s easy to reproduce it.