Run a program using GTX460 and by using GT240 I have to display in the monitor


I am using two gpu's GTX460 and GT240.
I have to run CUDA C program using the gpu GTX460 and I need the monitor display by using GT240.
I tried to connect monitor display to GT240 through monitor cable,but monitor doesnot work.
How can I do my above requirement ?

Will you help me ?

Please state if you are using Windows or Linux. I will assume Windows here:

Use Windows display settings control panel. Extend the desktop to the GT 240. Afterwards make it the primary display and (at your discretion) disable the display on the GTX460.

Then you could apply a registry hack to disable the watchdog timer on the GTX 460, allowing you to run kernels significantly longer than the timeout of 2-3 seconds.


What PCI slots are the cards in?

Sounds like you have the GTX460 in the top slot, and the 240 in a lower slot. If this is so then you need to swap them.

I am using Windows.

First of all thank you for your reply.

I dont know how to apply a registry hack.

I did remaining all and I checked my program but still I am getting the same time generation.

Sir Actually I have to know If I change the monitor display to GT240, then GTX460 will run efficient ah ?

Because at first both monitor display and CUDA C program will run from GTX460.

If I separate those both, may my CUDA program will run efficient ?

If you know, help me Sir.