Run Create on remote server


I am trying to run Create 2022.3.3 from a remote server running Ubuntu 20.04. I connect to the server using x11 forwarding, so I am able to view Omniverse Launcher and click to launch applications. When launching Create, it does not seem to fully load. It comes up with a gray window and “Edit, Window, Rendering, and Help” options in the top left bar.

I attached the log file. Many errors indicate “Failed to startup python extension”, but I am not sure how to fix this. Is the python setup causing the problem or is there something else?

Please let me know if any other information is needed and I appreciate any help. I am new to using this software and this type of setup.

Thank you,
create-log (1.1 MB)

Hi Allison,

x11 forwarding has not been tested and may not work but you can use VNC or the streaming app to access the remote workstation. More information here: Using Omniverse Streaming Client — Omniverse Streaming Client documentation (

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Thanks for the suggestions. I tried the streaming app, but got the same gray window result as before.