Run DCGM diagnosis check software deployment fail in WSL2 Ubuntu

Hello, I’m trying to execute the DCGM tool command “dcgmi diag -g 2 -r 1” to check the software deployment in by WSL2 Ubuntu on Windows Server 2022, but the result shown “Permissions and OS Blocks Fail”, and the others item is pass.

And I also checked the /dev folder in my WSL2 Ubuntu, can’t found the nvidia device in the folder.

Is this error expected in a WSL2 environment?

My environment:

  • Host OS: Windows Server 2022
  • WSL type : WSL2 (Ubuntu 20.04)
  • WSL Kernel version:
  • Nvidia Driver on Windows: 513.46
  • CUDA version on WSL2 : 11.7
  • DCGM version: 2.4.6
  • GPU Product name: Nvidia A2