Run Ignores Active Configuration

I cannot get Nsight to run the release or debug version of the current C++ project based on the active configuration.

I am running Nsight Eclipse Edition, Version: 5.5.0 on Centos 6.

Nsight com.nvidia.cuda.ide.product null

Both configurations build without incident. But, when Run (Control F11) is performed, only the Debug configuration was run. Imagine the misdirection as I reviewed execution times while trying to optimize a project, since optimization was disabled!

When I visited “Project” … “Properties” and view the (default) “Main” tab, initially I saw Debug/ in the “C/C++ Application” at the top of the form. I tried changing it to ${config_name}/, but it was initially undefined. If I define it as “Release”, it won’t change to “Debug” and vice versa.

I’ve RTFM and Googled until my fingers bled, but I have not found an answer, I am not even sure if it is an Eclipse anomaly or something specific to the Nsight port. My vote is operator error, but I am stumped.

Anyone have any pointers?

This is a known usability issue in Nsight… The only solution I know is to create two launch configurations for different executables.

Thanks. Hopefully, this thread will at least save people some time in the future.