Run inference "on demand"

How can I run inference “on demand” from the code (when some requirement is met)? I can’t find any example of this. Also, how to only run inference on some streams (not on all the streams in the batch)?

Even if it was something like disabling inference by attaching something to the frame meta. I’ve seen that should_infer_object inside gstnvinfer.cpp looks at rect_params. I can obviously modify those to make sure it doesn’t run the inference, but that seems very hacky and it only works for objects already detected (won’t work for primary inference).

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Is it possible add one property “enable-infer” in nvinfer?

Yes, adding an enable-infer per NvDsFrameMeta that is checked by nvinfer would solve a lot of my issues. This means I’m not forced to run specific models on streams that don’t need it (very useful for embedded solutions). Currently I’m forced to run the models on all streams and ignore the result which wastes resources.

Sorry for later response, Do you fixed your issue?

The only hack I’ve come up with is to change the interval on the fly. Set it to 0 when I want to run it, and set it to INT_MAX when I don’t want it to run.

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