Run Isaac gym on multiple machines' GPUs in parallel

I’m a college student and will be using an Isaac gym for research.
I have 5 machines consisting of one Ryzen7 3700X and one RTX2070SUPER.
Is there any way to run simulations on all 5 GPUs in parallel?

you mean 5 computers each one with 2 GPUS? I remember I read somewhere that you can’t use 2 GPUs at the same time with the current release. But I think you can separate the simulation from RL process, running the simulation on one GPU and RL on another one. But passing data between two processes might be challenging. I have used multiprocessing(multiple cpu cores) inside an Isaac gym simulation but for another purpose.

For 5 computers you might be able to do something else, separate the reinforcement learning from simulation. Use 4 of them for simulation purpose and collecting data and sending them to another computer for RL process.

Thanks for your reply.

There are five GPUs, one on each machine.

I know of a solution for multiple GPUs on one machine, but I am unable to remove GPUs from other machines and install multiple GPUs on one machine.

Can I ask what’s that solution for using multiple GPUs along with Isaac gym? thanks
for multiple computers each one with a gpu that networking makes sense, but there are many ways to do it. I don’t know maybe a Network Attached Storage with a fast network switch.