runnig cuda programms in visual studio???

hi every one… please help me… plz
I have an asus n82jq notebook, with nvidia gforce gt335m,
I have installed visual studio 2010 ultimate and cuda toolkit 4.2 .
I have trouble in using cuda inside visual studio and compile my program… I don’t have any idea about how to use cuda libraries inside visual studio.
and so importantly , what is the setting of visual studio for cuda to run on gpu?

Start with some of the CUDA 4.2 samples from the SDK – download them here:

You should be able to compile the examples from the CUDA 4.2 SDK with your existing installation. If you install the CUDA toolkit AFTER you install Visual Studio, you should see a CUDA 4.2 project when you create a new project on VS2010, that should be able to compile as well and have the required libraries/structure in place to compile.

Lastly, you should be able to run the latest CUDA 5.5 as well… not sure if there was a specific reason why you chose version 4.2.