Running 3d slicer with (Google Medical Imaging Suite)

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I would like to apologise if I posted this question on wrong platform.
I am trying to run 3D slicer in google cloud. For this, I tried to run slicer using docker in google cloud shell using command

docker run -p 8888:8888 -p49053:49053 -v “$PWD”:/home/sliceruser/work --rm -ti lassoan/slicer-notebook:latest

The notebook is up and when I tried to create a new notebook for slicer or python by clicking on “New” and selecting “Slicer5.0”, it prompts me error saying “Cannot create a new notebook”.

Please do let me know if anyone has successfully run 3d slicer in google cloud.

Hi @binita.shrestha,

Not sure if there is an Nvidia resource that can answer this. You might have better luck posting in the 3D Slicer forums.

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Tom K