Running 4 different monitors each having separate internet session using a single CPU i.e. nVIDIA Je...

Hi, we have a problem statement where we are to run 4 different monitors on a single CPU (each monitor having different internet sessions). But we have to do this within a budget of 10-12K. We planned to use nVIDIA JETSON Nano kit, but found that we might require a separate video card for every monitor. Is there any workaround that can help me avoid using separate video card so that I can bring down the setup cost with a workable model?

Hi shubham.jain,

That seems to be an interesting use case, but I have no idea for how to get this requirement implemented on Jetson Nano, and it’s out of Jetson Nano display spec.

Hi shubham.jain,

Jeston Nano only supports 2 monitors at same time.

Thanks. But can you guide me a bit for connecting 2 monitors at the same time to the Jetson Nano. Also, will it be possible to connect separate keyboards and mouse to both monitors and run separate internet sessions on both monitors?


Those functions are not related to monitors. You only have one OS running on your jetson nano. That means the I/O and Ethernet are shared by one OS.

Your problem can apply to any device besides jetson nano. For example, you could ask if is it possible to connect multiple keyboards and mouse on your x86 ubuntu host.

The answer is yes, but only one cursor would be shown on your display since this is driver limitation.

Wouldn’t it be possible to do I/O peripherals mapping using ubuntu loginctl?

Hi shubham.jain,

Sorry that currently we put everything on seat0 and we are not sure if multiple seats would work or not (especially xorg).
But this request sounds new to me. Could you elaborate more about your request and we will review if we could support it?

Sure. Below is our problem statement.

Problem: Create a hub for VT 100 type protocol that would let several pair of terminals and keyboards connect to web, using hardware no costlier than raspberry pi, with a minimum load ratio of 1:10 in (rpi to keyboard).

Details - Design a low cost solution to connect minimum 10 users to internet via low cost-compute so that users can access web sites freely. Each user will have only a set of keyboard+mouse+monitor but NO CPU. Every session should be identifiable by the unique user credentials.