Running a simulato (joints driver ) using jupyter script

hello all ,

I have a simulator of a system with different joints and driver.
and wrote a script with API s to run such a joints and make a movement.

it was working before , but now it does not running any more . the model only did the movement according to the gravity force .

what could be the reason for that ? can any one share with me some tutorial that could help in develop the model , and modify the movements using script and connect it correctly with joints , so i can change the model and ensure its movement .

i used an old version of isaac, so maybe this is the reason. i am not sure .

if there is some videos , script or tutorial that explain the process /steps for drive a model in ISAAC simulator , i will be so thankful if you can share it with me . as i am still new with this software , and my model is complex with different joints .


Not super clear what the issue is from your description but this document might be helpful: 9. Joint Control: Extension Python Scripting — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation

I would always suggest to try and use the latest version of Isaac Sim.