Running ASAP2

Hi. I want to run OVS-Offloads.

I have a couple of ConnectX-4s back to back.

Is there a guide on how to use ASAP?

The closest thing to what I want is

but I am not able to access it.

How do I get ASAP2 up and running?

Hi Lenny

The required version of the firmware is not available online or through the MFT.

Is there a link where I can get it?

Hi Francois,

For retrieving additional information and guides for ASAP implementation please send us your request to

Thank you,


Please try now.

Thanks, this is great news.

I have SR-IOV running in my guest and legacy mode works.

I then change to card into eswitch mode and the VFs and representative netdevs are created on the host.

I can thus set up OVS but my current problem is that OVS does not see any traffic.

I suspect that it has something to do with the TC hooks.

Could you give me any details on the required kernel, OVS and iproute package versions.

From the ASAP user guide that I have “For the complete solution you need to install a supporting kernel, iproute2, and openvswitch packages.”

Thanks in advance

Hi Francois,

I am working on ASAP post, it will be soon available.

Hi Francois,

Please check

and unmerged yet patchset

Hi Lenny

I can’t access this document.

Can you please send me the PDF version.

There seems to be something wrong with my Mellanox account.


Francois Kleynhans

I also cannot access the documents listed…

Thanks I can access it now