Running cuOpt on WSL2

I’ve been trying to deploy cuOpt container (cuopt:22.12) on WSL2/Ubuntu, but it doesn’t seem to work. However, it seems that GPU support on WSL2 is working as expected as I’ve tried running other containers using gpu, for instance:

sudo docker run -it --gpus=all --rm nbody -benchmark

Windowed mode
Simulation data stored in video memory
Single precision floating point simulation
1 Devices used for simulation
GPU Device 0: “Pascal” with compute capability 6.1

Compute 6.1 CUDA device: [NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti]
6144 bodies, total time for 10 iterations: 5.727 ms
= 65.911 billion interactions per second
= 1318.219 single-precision GFLOP/s at 20 flops per interaction

When I’m trying to deploy cuopt, docker just hangs without any feedback/error and container is not created. I’ve been using following parameters:

docker run -it --gpus all --rm --network=host /bin/bash

Windows 10 Enterprise 22H2
WSL2, Ubuntu-22.04
Docker 23.0.1, installed dicrectly on Ubuntu (no Docker Desktop)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, Driver Version: 531.18, CUDA Version: 12.1

As of now cuOpt supports cuda 11.2 - 11.8, this could be an issue with that.

And also if possible can you please try running with with docker in debug mode and share the logs on what happens ? How to Run Docker in Verbose Mode?