Running database on mounted ssd drive

I have added a ssd to my jetson so my database access would be faster. I was using the sd card and I thought I could speed up the data access.

I have the database so it will write to the drive ok, but I can’t load the database in the init.d script. The log tells me the drive is unavailable. It is available when I launch a terminal.

I looked in mtab and the ssd mount is just below the sd card mount, so they are being mounted at the same time and the sd card worked fine. My assumption is it takes the driver for the ssd drive some extra time to be available or something and isn’t ready when the init deamon is run. I moved the database to be the next to the last thing loaded, S95, but that didn’t solve the problem.

Is there some way around this?

I assume the drive is USB…is this correct? Also, is the drive listed in “/etc/fstab”? mtab is a reflection of current state, fstab is a user-adjustable configuration. If not in fstab you may be depending on hot-plug rules…which in turn may depend on the user who is logged in. fstab won’t depend on a logged in user.

No, the drive is connected via the sata port on the jetson tk1. The drive is not listed in fstab.

I copied the line from mtab into fstab and it now works, I will worry about the details later, I hate figuring out all of these options. Thanks for the reminder.