Running DDS applications on Xavier

I have a simple talker/listener application that is developed using rti connext micro DDS (data distribution service). This application sends a small “hello world” message from the talker to the listener. I can run the talker and listener on different machines and have them communicate.

But when I try to run the talker on xavier and listener on my host PC, they are unable to communicate.
I noticed that Nvidia Open DDS comes with DriveWorks, is it not possible to use any other DDS implementation on Xavier? Is there any firewall / packet filtering running on xavier that might be interfering with the DDS application?

Hi anurag08upx,

Can you share what errors you are facing when trying to connect? Are you able to connect other tcp/ip connections via host/target(i.e. ssh is working)

Open DDS that comes with DriveOS is documented here for reference: