Running Developer Kit 24/7 and temperature range

We want to use the Jetson TX2 Developer Kit in our test rack for continuous integration.

Is the board ready to run 24 hours a day, 7 days per week?
What is the valid environmental temperature?

From what I remember, the TX2 module is rated for commercial temperature range. (You may know that a variant is in the Nintendo Switch, which is a device that sees some abuse from the younger consumer demographic …)

The devkit itself comes with a heat sink, fan, and motherboard. I don’t know that those are rated at all, but I’ve been running one in the 20-30C heat range for months without rebooting and it seems “fine.”

There should be no problem running the development kit for 24/7 in the 0 to 50C operating temperature range.

Please note that the module was designed for a 5 year life but the carrier board was only targeted at a 2 year life due to the expectations that this was a development kit and not a component that can be integrated into a mission critical system.

For embedded systems, that’s actually kind-of low. Telecom, broadcast, and similar environments typically design for 20 years (or 10 if they’re cheap.)
I know a number of people who are trying to build video-based solutions on Jetson; I have a hard time thinking of places that would like to make a fixed installation they have to swap out in 5 years …

We published an FAQ which states warranty for devkits, and operating lifetime for Jetson products as reference.