Running Endoscopy Videos Need Help on running videos


I am new to this CUDA enivorment. I have already installed CUDA Toolkit and the examples are running perfectly. I want to run some high graphics Endoscopy videos using CUDA.

I was first running those using MATLAB.But the videos are taking a lot of time. I want to cut down the time of executing the videos.

Can anyone please suggest me how to approach for that? Can CUDA help me doin that ?


CUDA can help reduce the time it takes to do some calculations by offloading the processing to a NVIDA grahpics card. That way your main CPU doesn’t have to do all the work. CUDA requires a supported NVIDIA graphics card and is good for parallel processing. For instance, instead of running a loop 50 times, you can run a single function on 50 sets of data in parallel, thus increasing performance.

CUDA does not inherantly have any support for displaying the videos. You need to have a C program to do that. What CUDA does is offload some of the heavy image processing to a fast parallel processor.

If your problem is just displaying video on the screen, then CUDA is not the right tool for the job. You should look at video output APIs for your operating system. (Probably DirectX on Windows and XVideo on Linux)