Running High definition Endoscopy videos need help ?


I am new to this CUDA enivorment. I have already installed CUDA Toolkit and the examples are running perfectly. I want to run some high definition Endoscopy videos using CUDA.

I was first running those using MATLAB.But the videos are taking a lot of time. I want to cut down the time of executing the videos.

Can anyone please suggest me how to approach for that? Can CUDA help me doin that ?

Can anyone please suggest some good books on studying about this ?



So, I presume you actually have RAW datas (maybe coming from HD video appliances) and you’re IMSHOW’ing every frame of data with Imaging Toolbox in matlab, am I wrong?

If this is your situation, you should get your best performance, for my past experience, just using OpenGL by mapping your raw data on a texture and then showing a ortho-plane on your screen.

If instead your main aim is to “process” your data in some way before showing them, so CUDA can be a right choice. Just remember CUDA has no native way to show images, but you have to use GL-Interop or DX-Interop calls.


For books about CUDA I think you should read every PDF included in both SDK and Toolikt packages. For OpenGL I would suggest “The OpenGL SuperBible” (R.S. Wright) if you start from zero…cheap and chic!

OpenGL SuperBible Amazon link