Running Isaac Sim using Singularity / Apptainer on HPC Cluster

I am currently trying to run Isaac Sim headlessly on my institution HPC cluster using singularity/apptainer. As a first step I am hoping to get the container to run locally on my machine. I was able to build the container with:
sudo apptainer build --sandbox IsaacSingularity docker://

However when trying to run the resulting container with:

sudo apptainer run --env ACCEPT_EULA=Y --nv IsaacSingularity

I get many error messages regarding missing files and errors because of a “read-only” file system.

Are ther any instructions available for using Isaac Sim with Singularity, or anyone with experience with this use case?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi. The Isaac Sim container does not support Singularity yet.

Is there any update on this? Does Isaac Sim support either Singularity or Apptainer?

This might be useful for you

This requires Isaac-Sim to be installed on the cluster beforehand right?