Running Isaac Sim with environment variables

When using a roscore on a different machine, I should do this according to the docs:
If communicating with another host (i.e real robot, an existing ROS stack, etc) please set the ROS_IP and ROS_MASTER_URI environment variables before starting isaac sim

How can I set those variables prior to running Isaac Sim? Currently I use Omniverse Launcher to run it.

I now use the script to launch which enables me to set the env before launch. Is this the recommended procedure?

Hi Bruno,
Yes, you can indeed do it like that.
So, open a terminal, navigate to your Isaac SIM folder and set the environment variables as:

export ROS_MASTER_URI = ####
export ROS_IP = ###

Then launch manually Isaac SIM with:

(or other alternatives if you are running headless for example)

Alternatively, you could set these through python: if you are using any of our python ROS samples or your own scripts with something like:

import os

os.environ[‘ROS_IP’] = YOUR_IP

Lastely, if you are using docker containers you can pass it as an argument in the docker run command with --env ROS_IP=###

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