Running Isaac Sim With ROS2 Humble In Ubuntu 22.04

I have a workstation with an RTX GPU running Ubuntu 22.04. I’m trying to interface Isaac Sim with ROS2, but from the docs it seems like ROS 2 Humble is not supported. Since I can’t install ROS2 Foxy in 22.04, I figured I would use the Isaac Sim docker container. But it turns out that one is Ubuntu 18.04, so not ROS2 Foxy compatible either. How can I proceed? Is there an Isaac Sim docker container with 20.04 and ROS2 Foxy? Or can I get ROS2 Humble to work with Isaac Sim in 22.04 somehow? Thanks!

Hi @plasota, thank you for reaching out. We will have Isaac Sim docker container with 20.04 with ROS2 foxy support in our upcoming release in December.

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Hi, you can building a Vulkan docker based on 20.04 then copy in Isaac Sim as well as ROS foxy in the dockerfile. See:

You may be able to do a same by finding a CUDA 22.04 base image and install ROS Humble in the dockerfiles.

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Thank you both for the information and suggestions!

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@plasota We have an example dockerfile you could customize to rebuild the container. You could try changing the base container to 22.04 and add ROS2 installer with this dockerfile.