Running Isaac Sim without Nvidia GPU

The Isaac webinar had mentioned, in response to a question, that Isaac Sim can run on a laptop without a GPU (for applications that don’t require CUDA). However, the documentation for 2020.1 mentions that Isaac Sim requires an Nvidia GPU.

I tried running IsaacSim on a non-GPU laptop. I was able to load a sample scene with the Carter robot. However the navigation application for the robot was not working (prehaps because it used CUDA) and the laptop became extremely slow.

My question is - is there a non-GPU build for IsaacSim, if I don’t use CUDA? Does it make sense to use that, or will I be better-off simulating a jetbot on Gazebo itself?


Webinar is not updated. Isaac SDK document 2020.1 is updated and has latest information

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