Running Jarvis samples on windows


I am attempting to run the Jarvis weather bot on windows. I am confused on how to run the setup commands properly , namely


I understand bash is meant for Linux, but running these commands without the bash keyword is not working successfully for me. My vmmem usage is skyrocketing and then it says “Error downloading models”. I have docker installed and working properly for other containers.

Hi @hmoham25,

Operating System:
Jarvis server requires Linux x86_64

Please refer below support matrix:


Would I be able to run it inside a docker container?

Hi @hmoham25,

Could you please share the complete error log and system details so we can help better?


There is no error log, it simply says it failed to download the models. I am new to docker, maybe running the jarvis container inside of a linux container could work?

By error log i meant command output result. (Which command you are trying and what’s the output)
Also, could you please share your system configuration:
GPU Type, Windows Version, docker version etc


Windows version: Windows 10
Docker version: 20.10.5

Output from jarvis_init: bash: jarvis_model_loc: command not found
Logging into NGC docker registry if necessary…
Pulling required docker images if necessary…
Note: This may take some time, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

Pulling Jarvis Speech Server images.

Output from jarvis_start: bash: jarvis_model_loc: command not found
the input device is not a TTY. If you are using mintty, try prefixing the command with ‘winpty’
Starting Jarvis Speech Services. This may take several minutes depending on the number of models deployed.
Waiting for Jarvis server to load all models…retrying in 10 seconds

and then jarvis_start_client:
bash: jarvis_model_loc: command not found

Hi @hmoham25,

It’s currently not support on windows docker environment. May be it will be supported in future release.