Running Jetpack Installer under Ubuntu 15.04?

I received my Jetson board this morning and have been busy working on getting it installed, but have hit a roadblock.

I went to install the latest ‘Jetpack’ but it says it only support Ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04 on the host, yet I’m running 15.04. I don’t see a command line option to the installer to bypass this, so instead I went ahead and installed CUDA, OpenCV, etc. directly. Alas now CUDA complains that the driver version doesn’t match the library/module version because the kernel and drivers are still original. Drat!

I don’t see any means to directly get either (a) the latest kernel/drivers and install directly on the Jetson or (b) to ‘reflash’ it with an Nvidia image+driver set without using the installer.

I’ve searched the forum but don’t see much on the installer/15.04. What’s a good workaround?

Typical… My 1st post and an hour later I find the fix after looking for a couple of hours. I found the instructions from the L4T page for flashing and am proceeding accordingly. The links indicating “sample FS” and “driver packages” threw me because I was looking for an image, Linux, etc.

Can you outline how you got this working in 15.04? I’ve not installed it at all before and am not sure of what tools/libraries are contained in the installer.
You say you had to install CUDA, OpenCV separately?

Dammad, can you provide any more information on this? I’m using 15.04 as well and all the documentation points to using JetPack, which won’t install since it’s for 12.04/14.04 only.

There is how to updating system without Jetpack on my site.
It worked on my Gentoo host PC, but it is not tested on Ubuntu host PC.
I think it works on most of Linux host PC with x86 CPU.
And some instructions are not tested with latest Linux For Tegra.