Running Jetson Nano Headless Can't Access OEM-config

Hello, I am trying to flash my Jetson nano (production version with emmc), and while I have went through the steps, and it seems like it is properly flashing (, I am trying to do it in headless mode, and configure it over serial. While I get the ok when I flash it, when I cycle the power and open up screen on /dev/ttyACM0 115200, I don’t get anything. L4T-README is properly mounting. I am doing it on a A02 carrier board.

Thanks. I have tried reflashing it a bunch of times, and opening up screen.


What version of jetpack are you using?

Do you have any other serial devices? The numbering might be off if you do.

Note that the “production version with emmc” is a b01 and not compatible with anything a02 (the carrier boards are not compatible). I would not expect a b01 module to boot correctly on an a02 carrier board, nor would I expect an a02 module to boot correctly on a b01 carrier board.

Well I am using L4T 32.4.3, based on the quickstart guide. I used Jetpack 4.4 when I attempted flashing with the SDK manager.

This is the serial device that pops up when I disconnect and connect the usb cable to the jetson. I was vaugly aware of that too, the carrier board difference, however I was hoping to move this production model to a custom carrier board anyway and thought I could just flash it here. Do I need to do something special for it to be boot-able on a custom carrier board?

I found this document while digging around. If I follow it, should I be fine?


What is your purpose of reading adaptation guide? Do you want to bring up the custom carrier board or just want to check the oem-config issue?

If this is for oem-config, then reading that document does not help.

For the oem-config issue, maybe you could firstly try different jetson nano modules/carrier board combinations and see if all the modules/carriers have the same issue or not.

Just a general comment, and I do not know if this will apply to your case or not: You can usually flash on any carrier board, but device tree and other content will probably fail to boot if you are on the wrong carrier board. If you use an a02 module with a b01 carrier, or if you use a b01 module with an a02 carrier board, then you will not be able to get this to fully boot with any device tree (so far as I know).

If you are building a custom carrier board of your own, then the adaptation and bring-up guide would be important since the device tree would differ (unless your design is exactly the same as the dev kit carrier board the device tree will differ).

Ah I realize that was basically what was going on. I was under the impression that if it could flash it would be fine. Guess I am going to have to dive into the adaptation and device tree to get it to boot, haha will probably have to post here again as I run into trouble there.