Running machinima on a virtual workstation machine?

I asked the possibility of using Omniverse on a rendering farm, they answered to me:

This would work best on a virtual workstation machine …as this being a super fast real time render it doesn’t make sense to support it on the farm.

If you are interested we could create a workstation in the cloud for you. We can add up to 8 GPUs on it…equivalent to 8x RTX3080. We can do with 1, 2, 4 or 8 gpus on one machine.

You can use it like your normal machine …connect to it via RDP and use it in c4d, max unreal…etc.

Is this possible? If I take this deal and connect to it via RDP, what should I take care when starting to install Omniverse and Machinima?


I logged in to my hosted virtual workstation machine.

I managed to install everything: drive, cache, nucleus, create & machinima.
But when I started to use Machinima, my viewport was totally empty.

The workstation was using this GPU: Tesla T4 | NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPU | Touchpoint Technology

It should be RTX card, I assume?

There were also 2 error messages. In Machinima:

In Create:

Please help?

Thanks for stopping by with your question, I’ll pass this onto the devs and get an answer for you. Thanks for your patience.

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I really need a solution fast.
I am working with Machinima projects now and I need raw rendering power.
The renderfarm that I write above, just told me they cannot get it to work, viewport is always empty:

We’re tracking this issue internally now, but unfortunately it’s not looking like we have a quick fix for what’s causing this problem with the viewport without investigating further. There shouldn’t be any issue running Machinima on a VM. Will update you here with any progress that we make on this.

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